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Frugal Crispy Lettuce Tip

By July 11, 2016 Frugal Life hacks, quick frugal tips for food


Photo by Suzzycue

This lettuce crisper idea, my friend” Marylou” taught me and I have used it for years 🙂

The lettuce you are looking at, came from the marked down pile of vegetables that I shop for … last week. It was 99 cents. I peeled off the few top brown leaves, rinsed it all off, then I leave it in the dish rack to dry.

When it has dried off a bit… I shake the remaining water off and start to stack it in this plastic box. You can use any plastic box , with a lid ,you have, or even a large zip-lock bag. I put a paper towel on the bottom ,then add lettuce for one layer, paper towel again, lettuce and always finish with a paper towel on the top. When, you use the lettuce, take the top, wet paper towel out, dry it on the oven handle and put it back in after it dries. Repeat as you eat the lettuce.

Even though I bought this lettuce on it’s way out, I can keep it fresh and like new ,in this box for up to a week or more. It is always crisp and ready to use. I love this frugal-tip that will save you money:) Thank you all for reading and have a great day.

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Frugal Zip lock Bags

By July 10, 2016 quick frugal tips for food


Photo by Suzzycue

Not Enough Zip lock Bags No Problem Try this simple fix 🙂

I always cook a whole package of pasta, even though, it is only me, at home. When I get tired of eating it, I can wrap it up in wax paper pouches, pop it into a re-cycled zip lock bag , and put it into the freezer.  This way saves money by not pitching it out and it gives me, a perfect portion for a quick lunch or to go dinner for work.

If you freeze your left-overs altogether in one lump in a zip lock bag , you have to reheat the whole package again to get it apart.  You can try smashing it on the counter top and dropping it on the floor, even hitting them with a hammer, like I have done in the past, but try portions in wax paper it is a lot easier and I am getting a to old for all that exercise 🙂 Thanks for reading.


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